Other interests

Our surroundings

Human footprint 

Sustainable crop production

Community involved in sustaining agriculture

Biodiversity and medicine

Coastal restoration

Coastal restoration work with Xavier students at Fifi Island, 2008, LA, USA. Steve Morgan, former advisee and student got me initially involved in coastal work.

Just making something

Just to be engaged in some thing now to get distracted from yesterday and tomorrow.


How did cancer evolve to be a part of life?  As evolution allows populations to adapt – what is the role of the cancer cell(s)?  Does cancer cell try to adapt among healthy cells – gain a selective advantage?  In that case, how applicable is the idea that the unit of evolution is a sexually breeding population?  In the case of cancer, is it the asexually reproducing cell or even the mutated gene that adapts with no sexual population?  What can we do to help other cells so that they will not let cancer cells gain selective advantage in their environment?  Please read more here.

Going places

Traveling lets us see the capacities of diversity.  Seeing the way people, animals, plants and all other forms of life work together in different environments educates us.

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