Student opportunities

Life is far beyond classes, exams, grades and social media. Research, clubs, on- and off-campus volunteer or other types of opportunities help you engage with different people and programs and allow you to apply what you learned in class or to just enjoy while helping others. They are so positive ways of distracting you form stresses that can sometimes come from the demands of classes. They help you recharge your batteries, rethink and be more confident. Altogether, they maximize the value of your experience at Xavier. Hopefully you will remember some fun things that happened during such extracurricular work rather than a bad grade you got from a class. You can find many opportunities on-campus by talking to faculty in different departments, and from various Xavier offices including Center for Undergraduate Research. Following are some opportunities I found on the web that I encourage you to apply, especially summer research. I have no doubt that they will expand your Xavier experience to a new level with new people to meet and new strengths to gain.

Summer research programs

  1. REU Sites                                                                     
  2. Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  3. Research Alliance in Math and Science
  4. Case Western Reserve University
  5. Drexel University Medical School
  6. Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
  7. Ecological Research Community
  8. Biomedical Research Apprenticeship Program
  9. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Foundation
  11. Boston University Medical School
  12. Baylor University Medical School
  13. Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School
  14. Ohio State University
  15. Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  16. Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundations
  17. Medical University of South Carolina
  18. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  19. Keck Graduate Institute
  20. Mayo Clinic
  21. Massachusetts General Hospital
  22. Maine Medical Center
  23. Brandeis University – Biological and Physical Sciences
  24. Oak Ridge National Lab
  25. Dept. of Homeland Security
  26. Tulane – SMART
  27. United Nations Climate Change
  28. Environmental Science – Indeed
  29. Woods Hole Partnership Education
  30. Marshal University – Minority Internship
  31. Michigan State University – Plant Genomics  
  32. Indiana University – Summer Scholars Initiative
  33. University of Oregon
  34. University of Alabama – Birmingham – Paradigm
  35. University of Alabama – Birmingham – SIBS
  36. University of Georgia – Fungal Genomics & Computational Biology
  37. American Museum of Natural History – Evolutionary Biology
  38. American Physiological Society – Basics of Biology Research
  39. American Physiological Society – Comparative & Evolutionary Biology
  40. Arizona State University – Mathematical & Theoretical Biology
  41. Baker University, KS – Tardigrades on Trees
  42. Cary Institute – Transitional Ecology
  43. Colombia University – Earth Institute
  44. UCLA – Amgen Scholars
  45. Boston University – Chemistry in Biology
  46. UC Davis – Xavier Partnership
  47. HHMI – EXROP
  48. Leadership Alliance
  49. University of New Mexico – UPN
  50. UCLA – SPUR
  51. HHMI – EXROP


  1. American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  2. Google Lime
  3. SMART
  4. Geological Society of America
  5. Benjamin Gilman International Experience
  6. Oregon Sea Grant
  7. United Negro College Fund
  8. Environmental Protection Agency
  9. NOAA
  10. Apple HBCU Scholarships

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Youth Rebuilding NOLA
  2. Volunteer Match

Horticulture Club

Constitution    LSU Vegetable-planting-guide

Many thanks for your participation and feedback below.